Certified Organic Vineyard and Orchard

2015 Ice Wine Harvest

Our 2015 harvest began at 9pm on Monday January 4th when the grapes were cold enough, and so were we !

frozen grapes

Our grapes were gently picked by a Gregoir harvester and the great people from Glen Elgin Vineyard Management

harvester to tote wagen

Then they are transferred to a tote wagen which takes them out of the vineyard
where they are moved to insulated bins to stay nice and cool while waiting their turn in the press

tote to insulated bin

Pressing is slow and gentle to exact the juice without bitter flavours,
this takes time, 24 hour monitoring and the odd sample


Golden nectar

ice wine juice

Is it sweet enough ?
VQA Ontario sets the minimum sugar standard for Ice Wine at 36 brix. This sample is registering just over 40


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We also grow a variety of tender fruit, visit us during the season at the following markets:

Trinity Bellwoods Park

Tuesday from 3 pm till 7 pm

Until Thanksgiving, we will also attend the Cabbage Farmers Market at Riverdale Farm on Tuesday 3 to 7

Toronto Botanical Gardens
Thursdays from 2:00 till 7 pm:

Evergreen Brickworks

Saturday 8 am till 1 pm

Withrow Park and The Junction

Saturday 9 am till 1 pm

We are proud to be a part of these Community Driven and supported markets



A more serene Fall Harvest Time

early morning handpicking

2015 Wine Grape Order Form will be updated with 2016 prices in July

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